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Waitress :iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 0 0
To this day no one knew what had happened to Emma. 
A bone rattling chill settled over the streets of London. The December air was crisp in the cold wind, foretelling that snow was on its way. People walked the streets, bundled tightly under their layers and clutching their overcoats close. It was the time of year ladies ordained thicker gloves to protect their dainty fingers and swaddled themselves with rich furs about their shoulders. The tinkle of the bell sounded as Mr. White’s final customer left his shop. He adjusted his spectacles and peered out of the glass paned window, scanning the streets before flipping the ‘open’ sign to the ‘closed’ side. Mr White disappeared into the back of the shop. Absentmindedly as he cleaned his workbenches with a cloth, he glanced at Emma, sitting quietly on top of an unused bench with her little legs dangling off the edge. 
“Blimey it’s been a long day, hasn’t it?” Mr White exclaimed.
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 1 0
Lovers Play
There's a game I like to play where your heart is at stake
You may win or you may lose but it always ends the same
So capture me with those pools of blue and make me melt
Make me feel something only felt
Push me against the wall and claim me as yours, we'll own the night
With the moon as our voyeur, begging for more
So turn the final page and erase its history
Oh what pleasures one night can hold, well, it remains a mystery
Show your cards but hide your face
Ride your desire, after all, its all about the chase
So play the love game if you dare, but you've been warned
This game is not for those with hearts most fair
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 2 2
Musings #1
Satisfaction is the death of all desires. Mystery. Curiosity? Ah but curiosity did kill the cat. Perhaps for one to be satisfied, one must relinquish the desire for contentment and instead be vigorous in the pursuit of mysteries.
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 0 1
My Heavily Caffeinated Heart 16
My Heavily Caffeinated Heart Chapter 16
Nate POV
I arrived home from work that day at the usual time to an empty house. I kicked off my shoes at the door and I tossed my keys on the kitchen bench. I shook my hair out, dislodging water droplets everywhere it in the process. In a chivalrous moment I'd leant my umbrella to Erin, the girl had had a bad enough day as it was getting fired. At least she could say her desk supplies didn't get ruined by the rain.
I unhooked my laptop from my shoulder, laying the case down on the dining table while I took in the state of the lounge-room, spotless. Hannah was stress cleaning earlier today. Unable to stand the quiet, I snatched up the remote and clicked on the TV, not caring what was on. I made my way down the hallway to Hannah's and my bedroom. I stripped off my wet clothes and tossed them in the hamper. Now dressed in a green baggy T-shirt and comfortable boxers I wandered about the house, flicking on lights as I went.  A ne
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 1 4
Skye Rain - Prologue
Elaine Firerose laid her weary head on the freshly washed linens of her room at the Black Bird Gisting. The village, Terian, resided by the vast Verone River that stretched and curved its' worth across the FarDawn lands. Fae rarely felt fatigue. It was an uncommon sensation for Elaine to be saddle sore from riding for four days straight through the Xenis Jungle. She had slipped through the Daeron's claws, losing her sole pursuers just beyond Storm Reach. She'd kept her hood up, fearing her glowing silver eyes would give her away as Fae. It was a stroke of luck enough that her skin was merely a pale grey that could pass for albino rather than the faded, greens, blues and pale purples of her kin. Elaine's horse, Aniëk, was snoring softly in the Inns stables below, having been fed and given fresh hay by the stable boys. She was reluctant to leave her Aniëk in the care of such brats. She'd witnessed them pushing a small orphaned boy with dark hair into the gutter and bea
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 0 2
My Heavily Caffeinated Heart 15
Chapter 15
Vanilla Latte Part 7
Erin POV
Tuesday morning rain was pouring and the Styrofoam cup holding my heavenly vanilla latte was collecting water droplets as my mascara collected in pools in the corners of my eyes. I was late.
I tore past the front doors of Ellie Rhodes Publishing, getting the long strap of my bag caught and practically on the verge of hysterical sobbing as I tried to free it.
The frizzy receptionist cocked a smug eyebrow at my arrival, tapping her watch in a condescending gesture. "Twenty past, Erin" she called to me in a sing song voice. Bitch.
I flung myself into the elevator, shaking my hair out and glaring at the damp strands, slicking them out of my face. Just another day. Let's get through it.  
My breathing struggled to return to normal from my rainy sprint to the office. This time I couldn't blame Tom for setting me back. It was my own fault that I chose to watch just one or two more How I Met Your Mother episodes before bed. Okay,
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 2 7
My Heavily Caffeinated Heart 14
Macchiato Part 6
Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world
She took the midnight train goin' anywhere
Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit
He took the midnight train goin' anywhere!
I am too sober for this.
James sounded like a car wreck. His voice was a dog howling interwoven with a zombie moaning and that was when he got the lyrics right. How anyone could sing the wrong words with the lyrics displayed on a TV box right in front of them, was baffling. So while James destroyed 'Don't Stop Believing' with Paige, us more sensible and wishing we were deafer so as not to hear this blasphemy anymore, had a booth all to ourselves at the karaoke bar. The place was surprisingly scarce for a Friday night. My guess was that they heard our entourage was coming and fled for the hills.
"Number one thing you would rather do than keep listening to this? Go!" I offered to the table that had become our silver platter of drunken delights. Katie and Erin squished together with
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 5 9
'Tempest' Chapter Two
Chapter Two
At the wake people gathered in the overgrown backyard of the Laie Children's Home to pay their respects to Papa Mahikai. They shared memories, food and drink. Iokia helped coax the bonfire into a lazy but strong blaze before retreating back to the kitchen to give Leilani help with all the dishes that the guests had kindly bestowed upon us. At least the kids wouldn't be hungry for a while. I put Kona to bed early so my hands were free. I'd wanted to stay in the small but quiet nursery and indulge in the solitude but I knew I would be needed outside. I walked past the kitchen, sparing a glance at a tired looking Leilani who rested the back of her head on Iokia's chest while his arms encircled her waist. Mahikai would be happy that one of his close friends was looking after his eldest child at the home. Leilani was the first he took in. His wife Anela adored Leilani on top of her own children.  Anela had passed away after Kona's birth, a smile touched her l
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 2 3
My Heavily Caffeinated Heart 13
My Heavily Caffeinated Heart (Chapter 13)
'Vanilla Latte - Part 6'
Okay so, we last left off with my head down the toilet bowl. Over the course of my twenty three years of existence I had racked up a pretty hefty list of my most embarrassing moments. It's safe to say that that tonight would make the top ten. When Tom managed to stand still and stop freaking cussing from his British dictionary of swear words I told him I was on the pill, which would mean that I was not pregnant. Which would also mean that I had food poisoning and that in turn meant he had it too.
Fuck this was going to be a long night.
As it turned out. It was a long 24 hours. I'd texted Paige my predicament but completely forgotten to notify work as to why I decided to take a sick day. Needles to say I was busy making best friends with the toilet. Tom had stayed long enough to bring my supply of mouth wash to a more reachable distance and tidy up the mess we'd left in the lounge room. He'd babbled on and on about not w
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 3 7
Caffeinated Heart - UNCUT
Continued from Macchiato Part 2 (Chapter 4) . . .
"If you're gonna regret this in the morning, we can always sleep until the afternoon."
She smiled at that and brought her face even closer to mine and then the whispered two words that I'd been waiting, waiting and hoping to hear all night. "Kiss me"
So I did and when I did it felt like kissing starlight, sunshine, art and music combined in one flavour. Erin . . .
When we reached the floor of my apartment after ravishing each other in the elevator as the drunken disorderly do I realised that this was actually happening. I was over Rachel and bringing a new girl back to my flat for the first time. I also realised that more than anything I didn't want to miss out on possibly the only chance I would ever have to caress her naked skin, feel her fully against my body and share something with her that I hadn't had in god knows how long. But ever the gentlemen brought up in the right way by my parents, I would caution her.  "Erin . .
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 2 10
Still The Rain Fell
The very first night I could recall was a stormy one.
The wind howling, the thunder crashing, the lightning flashing and the rain pounding onto my face. I looked into the reflection of a nearby building and a tiny little thing, a girl, stared back with a blank expression. She had enchanting liquid grey eyes. Her creamy and rounded features were confused and desperate.
That child was me.
I had no idea where I was, who I was or what I was doing. The vast mystifying world that was spinning on its axis had no meaning to me as I'm sure I had no meaning to it. I was more lost than anyone had ever been. The only sense of recognition and warmth was concentrated below my collarbone. I wore a black thread of a necklace with a simple silver crystal attached to it.
My first emotions, or I guess at the time, realizations was that I was weak and needed to sleep. I dizzily stepped through the pelting raindrops and smog unaware at the time of what they were. The lights of passing cars frightened me; I
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 0 0
'Hellfire' Chapter Four
Chapter Four
In the privacy of my bedroom I dialled Riley's number that he had left in my phone only a few hours ago, "Where can I meet you?"
"You spoke with your Guild?" his deep and rugged voice responded.
"Yes, they're willing to back me on one condition." I lied.
"I'm listening . . ."
I took a deep breath, knowing that I was risking a lot already. I hadn't talked to Andy or Wyatt yet but the demon blood had made me jumpy, panicky. I could not let this opportunity slip through my fingers, "I take you to them. You have no ulterior motive right?"
"None that will be of consequence to your little rebel cause, where's my guarantee that I'm not walking into a Bounty Hunter fiesta?"
"You have my word and my protection. I'm the best." I said, running my hand over the smooth and dark glass of the window in my room. It was always night in the Imperium, even in this hidden corner. It was frustrating, having to trust this demon that probably had access to information that I didn't wa
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 2 4
My Heavily Caffeinated Heart 12
My Heavily Caffeinated Heart
'Cappuccino Part 2'
Nate POV
Hannah awoke to the sound of me banging around in the kitchen looking for a big enough pot to cook up some linguini pasta in.
"What are you doing?" she groaned unhappily, dragging away a tangled mess of hair from her face.
I leaned around the corner holding up a pot and pan, a fresh smile plastered on my face, "Making my angel some wholesome dinner."
Her tired expression softened before turning guilty, "That's thoughtful, but I've already made plans."
"Plans? What plans?" I asked, my forced optimism already fading.
Hannah stretched before folding the blanket over the couch again, "Going out with Jasmine for a few hours, I better start getting ready." She said.
"Oh, right. Have fun" I said, putting the deep pot on the bench, suddenly feeling exhausted.
Hannah scurried out of the room and disappeared down the hall to the bathroom. She was fixing her hair, running a brush through it and splashing water on her face. Then she would b
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 9 4
My Heavily Caffeinated Heart 11
'My Heavily Caffeinated Heart'
Macchiato - Part 5
Erin disappeared down the hallway and into what I assumed was her bedroom and shut the door behind her with an audible click. My attention was bought back to her tall roommate. She walked a half circle around me casually, making a hmm sound in the back of her throat. Katie placed a hand on the tanned exposure of her hip that peaked out from underneath her sleeveless peach coloured shirt. She was attractive for sure, all legs and beach tanned skin but the fact remained that she wasn't my cup of coffee.
"I can see why she likes you." Katie said.
The abruptness of her deduction made me do a double take.
"Can see why, what? We're just mates." I said, working to hide my bitterness. I shook off her scrutiny and made my way to the kitchen, depositing the plastic bags containing our dinner on the bench. Making myself at home.
She slid onto one of the breakfast bar stools and folded her hands under her chin, "And you want to be more. Pla
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 2 6
Andrie POV
While you are letting your guard down
I will be letting myself go
While you keep running your ship aground
I will be setting myself alight
A burning piece of what used to be a polished white deck, snapped and came down violently on the floating plank I had managed to crawl on. It bashed my head against the hard wood. I felt blood rush down my temple, hot and sickly. I was dizzy and all of a sudden my vision was impaired. My thoughts we're not coherent but I knew I had to fight against the weakness settling in my veins. But for what reason? The flames were inescapable. Enclosing me in a circle of heat and panic, the water was freezing and chunks of what remained of the ship were floating around me, lit with fire that the rain could not douse no matter how hard it fell from the stormy heavens. My pulse was thudding in my ears, teeth slamming together in the cold water but I was sweating from the torched wreckage that floated around me, like burning ghosts. My limbs were scream
:iconaeshalee:AeshaLee 3 6


Aelin and Lysandra by may12324 Aelin and Lysandra :iconmay12324:may12324 361 20 Marauders by IriusAbellatrix Marauders :iconiriusabellatrix:IriusAbellatrix 2,342 183
I need flesh.
The young girl raves, barreling through the dark alley in a mix of striking fear and maddening hunger as she lives through the nightmare with a blood curdling yearning for human flesh.
Her bright red pupils glow in the midst of pitch black eyes, a ghoulish grin splitting her face as her make up runs in a stream of tears, mingling with the foaming drool pooling around her pinkish lips with every viscious snarl.
I need it.
The voice in her head pushes the haunting tune, louder and louder it calls out, her humanity long since abandoned.
She picks up a scent, a faint yet tauntingly delicious scent that seduces her taste buds as she longs for the coppery juices of gleaming crimson soaking soft meaty chunks. Her feet seem to move themselves, running and limping in a fevering haste to find this delicacy. Gone are the moments of hesitation and inward battles, driven mad by starvation as nothing else would do, nothing else would be palatable to h
:icondvilfibbonaci:DvilFibbonaci 2 0
The air is sharp with the electricity of an impending storm. Tin roofs creak, depositing rusted flakes  into the air as they stretch.
My feet pound the pavement, sure and measured, quite unlike the sporadic patter of droplets as they plunge from the sky.
Along the quiet street of cracked tarmac, the sound of an insistent door bangs. Opening, then closing. Its sound almost seems to issue as steam from the fissures of the road.
My curiosity increases my pace. Harder, my feet slap the pavement as its flat surface curves to that of cobblestones.
The ghosts of anticipation condense in the air in exhalation as an aged mahogany door appears, opening and closing as if beckoning.
Come in. Come in.
And I come.
A curtained window shifts;  paled hand slides into shadow.
Mr. Chang.
I smile. Of course he is always there. Even if the door is unlocked and banging loudly. It must be the way he likes it. This sense of disrepair. Of age. Of the past.
Pressing lightly against th
:iconozzla:ozzla 6 6
Mature content
a brief history of my city :iconmusicgypsy:musicgypsy 8 11
StupidFox - 76 by SilentReaper StupidFox - 76 :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 4,988 160
Spare Me
The lights were dim and music blaring
when I saw a girl who started staring.
Her eyes struck with me a gaze worth sharing,
eyes that whispered I have a heart worth sparing.
:iconnothinandeverything:NOTHINandEVERYTHING 9 18
Mature content
Left Unsaid :iconnothinandeverything:NOTHINandEVERYTHING 4 6
Time Is A Slut
These are the times that make me fall apart, ripping at the seams of my soul, until every last fiber dwindles down to dust and drifts away. I'm alone and the yells from across the street echo through my front door or maybe they're screams dwelling inside my own mind or maybe I've finally crossed the line between normal, functioning human being and the mentally insane. It was never much of a stretch anyways, as the yards have crippled down to inches and now I'm running out of space and it's becoming hard to breathe and fuck I'm so damn claustrophobic I feel an anxiety attack itching to be let in. I threw away the blueprints to my life yesterday because they just weren't working out and I need to construct new ones, but I'm afraid of change and frankly it fucking scares me and I'm not sure I can handle yet another cruel twist of fate thrown into my lap.
Everyone used to always admire me and how they thought I had everything in my life figured out and was really going places but I'm afrai
:iconnothinandeverything:NOTHINandEVERYTHING 7 21
so this is why i'm screwed
(how is it
that i remember things that never happened
and dream of when they will?)
i would let go
if i could do so without changing
the beautiful thing you are to me inside my mind;
but in the bitter depths of me i know that
i urgently want for you to be mine, and only mine...
and for nothing to change.
and i know that my heart will be ripped out
through the years of drowning myself
in things i will not need
but i hope that after everything, i can come back to you
and look you in the eyes
as if nothing has changed.
(how is it
that i dream of things that never happened
and remember when they did?)
:iconmusicgypsy:musicgypsy 6 3
Emergency Landing
He caught her heart before it could crash to the ground and in exchange she showed him what it felt like to have someone promise they would never leave you, without him having to doubt if she really meant it.
:iconnothinandeverything:NOTHINandEVERYTHING 8 15
Day of the Dead by Bronte1234 Day of the Dead :iconbronte1234:Bronte1234 1 0
When all that I breathe for
Is sitting by the shadowed door,
Languidly smoking and long deceased -
I will take a pen with me,
And I will travel east.
When all that I sing for
Is locked away in a bedside drawer,
Gathering more dust than putting forth -
I will wake my sleeping voice,
And I will travel north.
When all that I love for
Is drowning in the cruel mind's war,
Poisoned with reason and black from the mouth -
I will pick up the pieces of me,
And I will travel south.
When all that I dream for
Is stranded on some distant shore,
With ragged, shallow breathing at best -
I will pack a faith with me,
And I will travel west.
When all that I live for
Is hanging from an old trunk's core
Blood gushing from the spirit's cup -
I will give a soul its wings,
And I will travel up.
:iconmusicgypsy:musicgypsy 8 12
Quote of the day, series 3: 98
Sometimes I prefer being alone to being with people because loneliness is simple; people are complicated.
:iconjochannon:jochannon 6 0
Just Dreaming by BenHeine Just Dreaming :iconbenheine:BenHeine 2,876 261


It is at long last time I dust away the cobwebs from this Deviant Art account. Where have I been? I've been caught in the web of a university degree. Four years later I have emerged from my cocoon as a student of Creative Writing and Marketing. It's time I breathe life back into this profile and of course, into my writing. Don't think I've been idling sitting in lectures twiddling my thumbs and not writing. The perks of studying a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing is that I get to not only practice my craft, but also get better at it. So the following submissions I upload will be from my person submission collection. They've been assessed, reviewed and given feedback on from academic staff, most if not all, experienced and professional authors whom I have forged bonds with. If it wasn't for them I would not be the author I am today and I would not have secured an intern ship working at a publishing house in NSW later this year. (YASSSS!) It will be interesting I think, to really see if I have progressed as a writer. As an academic, I think, I have most definitely progressed and have every intention of further pursuing an honours degree and who knows? Masters? Doctorate? The world is beautiful and its open.

I suppose this entry is to say, yes I'm alive! I'm here and I'm full of nostalgia and gratitude from re-reading my previous works and the comments and support for them. If those wonderfully gorgeous people are still out there and still remember me from four years ago. I would love to hear from you again :D
Yes I will also get back to updating my old stories! I found them again, locked away in a special place in my heart, and I've discovered I still beat for them.
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Give me a grain of sand & I'll write you the ocean

I'm a deviant writer in love with simple romance, supernatural and mystery. I'm an anime girl (of course) but I do love art and photography as well as reading.
Suzzane Collins, JK Rowling, Richelle Mead, Melissa Marr, Maria V Snyder, Brent Weeks, Joel Shepard & Christopher Paolini have made it onto my all time favourite authors list for life. Always on the look out for a good read so drop me a msg with any suggestions :D

And I'm actually a tea drinker rather than coffee(GASP!)

Get to know me through my journal entries, stories and favourite things :D


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